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A Superia-like Fujifilm recipe

Oct 25, 2020

Ever since I stumbled upon the work of Ritchie on Fuji X Weekly and his film simulation recipes, I've tried to set up my camera with various recipes and shoot jpeg only.

I found shooting jpeg quite liberating. I used to expose for highlights, sometimes shoot wider than necessary, thinking that I would figure that out later in post, knowing that my raw files have all the data I needed. In the end I spent more time editing raw files – with the trustworthy Darktable – than actually shooting.

Editing raw files can be very, very time consuming. To the point that I decided to only edit my best photographs.

I've realized that if I had to get everything right in camera, I would be forced to be more present when shooting, be more aware of the composition, colors and light, instead of delaying the creative part to later.

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Old Blog posts

I'm keeping old posts from a few years back for curiosity and reference, they can be read here.