Nicolas Petton

Web developer, Lisper, Smalltalker & Emacs maniac.

Nicolas Petton

About me.

I'm a Software engineer, passionate about Lisp, Smalltalk and the Web. I split my time between Stockholm (Sweden) and Brest (France). Oh, and I also spend most of my days in Emacs.


I'm an engineer in the dev team at Företagsplatsen. I previously worked in the RMoD team at Inria. I was also the co-founder of Objectfusion, a company dedicated into building custom web applications.


  • Since Emacs 24.5, I'm taking care of the releases of Emacs, and I work on/maintain several Emacs packages, including jade, js2-refactor, seq.el, map.el (in Emacs 25.1), thunk.el (in Emacs 25.1 as well), stream.el, amd-mode, xref-js2, zerodark, niflheim, as well as some others
  • I like to design websites & logos
  • I'm the author of objectjs, a Smalltalk-inspired object model for JavaScript, maintained together with Ben.
  • I'm working with Ben on Teamwall, an online tool made to help remote team members feel closer to each other (project currently on hold)

You can find most of my git repositories on my Gogs instance and on GitHub.

Past project.

  • I'm the creator of Amber, a Smalltalk that runs inside the web browser (I don't maintain it anymore)
  • I'm also the author of SmalltalkHub, a code repository and project management application for Smalltalk (I don't maintain it anymore)
  • I contributed to MongoTalk, the Pharo driver for MongoDB, and Phriak, the Pharo driver for Riak.
  • I worked with Esteban on Tide, a new web framework for Pharo and Amber.

You can learn more about Amber on the GitHub page, and can find more projects on my Github and SmalltalkHub accounts.

Some presentations I gave.