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Nicolas Petton

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RMoD A series of interviews

January 14, 2014

I have the incredible chance to work in an amazing environment, surrounded by smart and passionate people. This place is RMoD, a research team at Inria Lille.

At RMoD we not only make Pharo, Amber, work on Moose and do research. For me the work is all about the people, the energy and shared passion. A lot of the culture of the team is actually built outside of the office, during the friday evenings at Café Citoyen sharing a beer, or during other events. I'm actually proud to say that many of my colleagues became very good friends over time.

I decided to share my experiences of working there, and to do so I will start a series of interviews of the team members on my blog. My goal is not to ask technical questions about Pharo or a PhD thesis, but to share the human side of the story.

I will post the interviews as they get completed, so stay tuned!

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