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January 29, 2014

Making js2-refactor more discoverable

Since I started using Emacs for most of my development, I've been a big fan of js2-mode, a major mode for editing JavaScript files based on an AST, and js2-refactor, a library built on top of it to perform refactorings.

When Damien pointed me to discover.el, a library which adds Magit like context menus to Emacs, I decided to improve js2-refactor and add a discover menu for it, to make all these great refactoring more accessible and discoverable.

The package is simply named "discover-js2-refactor" and can be downloaded on github.


Figure 1: discover-js2-refactor, the mandatory screenshot

Installing discover-js2-refactor

The package is available on melpa, if you have it enabled you can simply evaluate the following code to install the package.

   (package-install 'discover-js2-refactor)
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