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Amber 0.13

Amber 0.13

Oct 10, 2014

After three months of development we are happy to announce the release of Amber 0.13.1 (skipping 0.13.0 for technical reasons). The team has once again been busy improving Amber to make it rock more than ever!

With 172 commits, this release brings several important improvements as well as the usual bug fixes.


  • Reworked cleaner DNU handling in core.
  • `amber init` fully embraced as the way to create new project.
  • Helios IDE is extracted and is now a project on its own.
    • It is included as dev-dependency in any new project by default.
  • Movable data out of index.html:
    • list of production packages in deploy.js;
    • list of development packages in devel.js;
    • project amd mappings in local.amd.json;
    • libraries' amd mappings in libdirectory.amd.json.
  • 'Batteries included' deployment via `grunt deploy`.
  • 0.13.1 because of technical issues w/ 0.13.0 release process.

Commits: Issues:

API changes:

  • Smalltalk side:
    • String >> asSelector is now String >> asJavaScriptMethodName
    • String >> asJavaScriptSelector is now String >> asJavaScriptPropertyName
    • Collection >> ifEmpty:ifNotEmpty: family passes self to ifNotEmpty: block
  • JavaScript side
    • smalltalk.selector is now smalltalk.st2js
    • smalltalk.convertSelector is now smalltalk.js2st
    • Smalltalk vm is now Smalltalk core
    • boot.js's .vm is now .api
    • amber load sets' .vm is now .api
    • Internal variables smalltalk/globals/st are now $core/$globals/$recv


  • smalltalk.
    • accessJavaScript
  • Object >>
    • postMessageTo:
    • postMessageTo:origin:
  • Class >>
    • heliosClass
  • SmalltalkImage >>
    • core
  • amber/boot exports
    • api
  • amber/{devel,deploy,lang} exports
    • api


  • ProtoObject class >>
    • heliosClass
  • Object class >>
    • heliosClass

I would like to thank Herbert for all his hard work on this release. He has done a wonderful job as the new maintainer of Amber. Thank you!

Install Amber 0.13 from here!

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