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Amber 0.12.6 released

Amber 0.12.6

July 1, 2014

After two months of development we are happy to announce the release of Amber 0.12.6 (skipping 0.12.5 for technical reasons). The team has once again been busy improving Amber to make it rock more than ever!

With 260 commits done by 8 contributors, this release brings several important improvements as well as the usual bug fixes.


  • Helios now has a test runner
  • The amber-cli npm package installs the CLI tooling. amber is not to be installed globally any more. Instead, install amber-cli with npm install -g amber-cli.
  • New amber-init command: After installing the cli tooling, amber init initializes a new project.
  • amber and amberc cli tools can now be found in the external directory and in dedicated npm packages.
  • Amber now parses $c character literals.
  • Bootstrap 3 can be used in Amber projects (no more nameclash with Helios' bootstrap 2 using bootstrap2.3.2 name).
  • Wider range of jQuery versions allowed.

API changes:

  • String >>
    • value:
  • ProtocolAnnouncement >>
    • package
  • Behavior >>
    • isTestClass
  • Package >>
    • isTestPackage
  • amber/{devel,deploy,lang} exports
    • nil
  • amber/helpers exports
    • nil

We would like to thank the contributors who made this release possible, and especially Ryan Simmons for his work on the Helios Test Runner.

Install Amber 0.12.6 from here!

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