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Amber 0.12.0

Amber 0.12.0

November 12, 2013

The last 3 months have been exciting in Amber-land!

The new release includes a lot of improvements, from the new package management to the AST interpreter, as well as improvements in Helios, the CLI tools and the compiler, among other changes.

This time we managed to release after 3 months of development, but the goal is to shorten development cycles even more. Amber 1.0 isn't that far away anymore, and with each new release it feels more reliable and stable.

Even though the compiler may change in the future I hope that the JS file format won't change much until 1.0, making the JavaScript compiled files backward compatible.

Here are some numbers about this release:

  • 660 commits
  • 10 committers
  • 66 unit tests added
  • 152 issues were closed
  • 379 unit tests in total

Read the announcement and grab Amber 0.12.0 from here!

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